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Absorbency & Style Guide
Incontinence Pads
AIO Non Waterproof (all)
    - Light
    - Medium / Regular
    - Heavy/Night/PostPartum
AIO Waterproof/Resistant (all)
    - Light
    - Medium / Regular
    - Heavy/Night/PostPartum
Other Cloth Pads
    - Base & Insert Pads
    - Boostable Pads
    - Fold-up Pads
    - Pocket Cloth Pads
Custom Made
Pad Sets
Gift & Speciality Sets

Boosters and Accessories
Cloth Breast Pads
Jewellery and Treats
Menstrual Cups
Bags and Pouches
DIY Supplies
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Cozy Folk
Green Chickadee
Gypsy Heart
Noonee Wilga
Obsidian Star
Scarlet Eve
These Little Wagons

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Happy Pads


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Your one stop shop for reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads in Australia! Cloth Pad Shop ("CPS") is an online store featuring several individual traders who sell Cloth Pads, Menstrual Cups, Wetbags, Breast Pads and other related items.
You can purchase from as many stores as you like in the one transaction, or you can shop just from your favourite store. The choice is yours!
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Use the links on the side menu to shop by type of product or by store. To see everything at once, click "View all our products". You can find out more information on a particular store, including their policies, and how to contact them, by clicking on their name in the side menu.
If this is your first visit to Cloth Pad Shop, please see How to Shop.

Do you make cloth pads or sell reusable menstrual products?
We're looking for new stores to join us!
Cloth Pad Shop is a place where pad makers get together and form one combined store. It allows smaller pad makers to have their own store and web presence that they might not otherwise be able to have, while everyone benefits from the traffic that all the stores generate.
If you make or sell Cloth Pads or related items, we would love to have you join us!


If you would like more information on cloth pads - including how to use them, washing instructions and even tutorials on how to make your own, please see the "Eco Menses" website. For more information on providing cloth pads for impoverished women around the world (particularly in Africa), please see the Donate Pads website.